Brisbane based IT resourcing service

We are Brisbane based IT firm, offer IT resourcing service to work on complex technology projects. Our resources are a skilled and talented individual who has worked in the field for years and bring their expertise and experience to complete IT projects.

What are the different types of IT Resourcing Services we offer?

IEINFOTECH closely works with the client to identify resourcing requirements and make sure skilled resources are deployed to complete the project work. We provide following types of resources

  1. Project Manager
  2. Business Analyst
  3. System Developers
  4. System Engineer
  5. Virtual CIO/IT Manager
  6. Network administrator
  7. Project Consultant
  8. Change Manager
  9. Communication Manager
  10. Functional Consultants

Why our clients are using IT Resourcing services?

  1. Our IT resources are expert in their field 
  2. Our IT resources understand client needs and offer the best solutions.
  3. Our IT resources work in the best interest of our client.
  4. Our IT resources are reliable, professional and trustworthy.
  5. We are not a recruitment agency.  

Please contact us on 0432 358 159 to know more about our service