Brisbane based IT Managed services

We are Brisbane based IT managed services provider. Our IT managed services refer to the practice that involves managing and optimising deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal of systems within an organisation.

Why should we use IT managed services ?

  • We offer fixed cost IT services means IT budget saving is confirmed.
  • Reliable remote IT support
  • On-site tech support
  • All IT infrastructore maintaince
  • Assistance with cloud migration project
  • Monthly service executive report
  • IT Server maintaince
  • Onsite IT Training

What are project related services we offer?

IEINFOTECH offer following project related services

  • Business intelligence
  • Data analytics service
  • IT Strategy prepration
  • Board report preparation and presentation
  • IT consultancy
  • IT Project management services
  • Business Analyst services

These are in demanding services which enable our clients to turn large amounts of data into valuable information in order to support decision making. Typical propositions in this segment are business intelligence, workforce analytics, customer intelligence, data warehousing (big data) and predictive modeling.

What is the difference between IEINFOTECH and other service providers? 

IEinfotech provide you with the bespoke best IT help desk support service that you need for the smooth running of your organization. As we undertstand Help desk support is an integral part of an organizational structure that has the desire to go digital and global in its operations. Although some organization might not know the important of help desk, it serves as a link that connects the customers with an organization.

Our IT managed services helps in the achievement of better results and it is very important in the growth of every organization.IEinfotech help desk support is a resource intended to provide our client end-users with information and support related to your company’s or organizations products and services.

The purpose of our IT managed service is to troubleshoot problems and provide guidance and solutions about products such as computer systems, website activities and issues with mobile applications and software.

IEinfotech can organize and manage these services in a cost efficient and reliable manner on behalf of your business or organization.

If you have any questions of our services please contact us on 0432 358 159.