What are the different types of CRM and ERP project we have worked on?

We have worked on a number of CRM and ERP projects including

1.Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM




We assist the business to complete CRM and ERP projects. Please contact us on 0432 358 159 to find out more if you are having difficulty with your project.

Why should we use CRM and ERP project services?

Our ERP and CRM project management services are mainly designed to support our clients to manage the project effectively and work with them as a trusted partner.

CRM and ERP project managers work on behalf of our client and make sure system designing, implementation and post-go-live activities are completed correctly by external vendors.

Our main propositions include advise on system selections, business process and redesign on the ERP system template, the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Customization of NetSuite modules and Oracle products and Salesforce implementation.  

Our consultant focuses on how different systems and applications can be integrated in order to ensure business processes are automated.